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JSF and PrimeFaces Tutorial Series

Interested in live training from the author of these tutorials? See the upcoming JSF 2.2 and PrimeFaces training courses in Maryland, co-sponsored by Johns Hopkins. Or, contact for info on customized JSF 2 or PrimeFaces courses onsite at your location. See the JSF and PrimeFaces training page for various options for the onsite courses.

These tutorials have now been split into three major sections: the JSF 2 tutorials, the PrimeFaces tutorials, and the JSF 1 tutorials. Please note that the JSF 1 tutorials are no longer being maintained, and are for reference for legacy projects only.

The JSF 1 tutorial covers JSF 1 with Apache MyFaces, and the the JSF 2 tutorial covers JSF 2.2 with the Mojarra JSF2 implementation (but applies to all JSF 2 implementations), and the PrimeFaces tutorial covers PrimeFaces on top of JSF 2. All the sections use Eclipse, but of course none of the actual JSF code is Eclipse-specific. If you are new to JSF, I strongly recommend JSF 2: it is both more powerful and easier to use as compared to JSF 1. The JSF 1.x tutorials are primarily for people whose companies are already developing with JSF 1 and are not yet ready to upgrade. All the tutorials are derived from Marty Hall's world-renowned live JSF and PrimeFaces training courses. Courses on JSF and PrimeFaces are usually taught on-site at customer locations, but JSF 2, PrimeFaces, Android, Hadoop, Ajax/jQuery, Spring, Hibernate, REST, and Java programming courses at public venues are periodically scheduled for people with too few developers for an onsite course. For descriptions of the various other courses that are available, please see the Java EE and Ajax training course page. To inquire about a customized training course at your location, please contact Marty at If you already have JSF or PrimeFaces experience, see the JSF and PrimeFaces jobs page.

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